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Ultimate Love Update: Meet The 3 New Love Guests

3 new Love Guests

In a dynamic twist of reality TV drama, Ultimate Love’s Aunty ups the ante by adding three new Love Guests to the Love Pad.

You never know what twist and turn is coming your way on Ultimate Love but one thing for sure though is that it will always be sizzling hot! This Friday evening the Love Guests got the shock of their lives when Aunty introduced three new Love Guests with little warning. The latest additions to the Love Pad simply waltzed in with their bags in tow and were thoroughly ready to scatter some ships!

So who are the mystery three? Here’s a quick look at Chris Ville, Chiddy Banks and Meriton:

Chris Ville:
Tall, dark and handsome Chris Ville has vowed to bring empathy, passion and a whole lot of loving to the Love Pad? Who do you see him paired with?

Looks like Chris Ville will bring empathy, affection and of course loving to the Love Pad!

Who do you see him pairing with? #UltimateLoveNG

Chiddy Banks:
The hunky Chiddy Banks has a simple outlook on love. All the charmer is after is honest and true happiness. Can one of the ladies of the Love Pad grant him his wish?

Chidi Banks is out to find true love and happiness. Who in the Love Pad is best suited to grant him his wish?

If there’s one lady who knows exactly what she wants, it’s Meriton! The beauty view on the ultimate union, it’s made up of two imperfect people coming together to make perfection. Will one of the gents sweep her off her feet?

“Two imperfect people coming together to make perfection” Yaaaas Meriton! The latest Love Guest has a beautiful view on matters of the heart.

Source: Africa Magic

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[…] Recall that Aunty has surprised everyone by adding three new Love Guests to the Love Pad. Are ships going to scatter? This is the very moment everything you knew changed in Ultimate Love reality TV show! Watch the video of the moment the three new Love Guests entered the Love Pad: […]

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