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BBNaija 2020 Laycon’s Unlikely Friendship With Vee (Videos)

BBNaija 2020 Laycon's Unlikely Friendship With Vee

The bond between Laycon and Vee in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House is proof that the best friendships aren’t obvious, but they are always worth it.

One of the most beautiful things about friendships is that you can’t predict what will spark it, but when it does ignite, it blazes an unforgettable trail. That is the case of Laycon and Vee in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House as their unlikely pairing flared up unexpectedly and is still blazing even as we approach the finals on Sunday, September 27th, 2020.

The start

After hardly spending any time together, it was an unexpected occurrence that forced them to grow closer. That occurrence was winning. It took place during the Travelbeta Task, and their combined musical abilities led to them making short work of their competition. This trend continued with the Airtel Task as well as the Showmax Task where they fed very well off each other.

The growth

Their understanding grew to new depths when Vee faced issues with her ‘ship and sought out the advice of the House’s most trusted counsellor, Laycon. During that insightful conversation, their understanding of each other grew beyond the superficial, and their friendship was firmly torched into the fabric of their lives. When Laycon was up for Eviction and was announced as safe by Ebuka, it was Vee’s emphatic pulling down on his arm that signalled how much she cared that her friend was safe.

The future

It hasn’t been smooth sailing as Laycon and Vee did have a tiff during the Lipton Ice Tea Task, and seemed to be drifting apart. After taking some time to resolve the issue, the pair is back to getting on like a house on fire.

Now that Vee and Neo are on the rocks, and there’s no guarantee that they will be able to mend their ‘ship, it would be dramatic irony of the highest regard if the longest-lasting ship to come out of Big Brother Naija Lockdown House was Laycon and Vee’s friendship.

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