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PDP Chieftain Berates Buhari Over Worsening Insecurity

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Delta State governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Delta State governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has taking a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari over the heightening insecurity, unemployment in Nigeria as well as the disregard for Nigerian Constitution, lamenting that Nigeria is hanging on a thread.

Onuesoke in a statement issued yesterday in Warri, Delta State, said Nigeria was at a crossroad gasping for breath from all indications of its national life.

According to him,

From all indications, it is obvious to the blind that Nigeria is at a crossroad, and it is hanging on a thread.

The worsening security situation, hyper-geometric inflation rate, free-falling naira, capital flight, quadruple-rising unemployment rate, FDI shortfall, flagrant disregard for the constitution and brazen corruption by the Buhari-led government have become the new normal in our national life.

Lack of focus and policy flip-flops have put our economy in jeopardy and in a state of comatose. Failure by the Buhari-led government to curb and tackle the security situation in the country has led to desolation, despair and fear among citizens who can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed since the government has become helpless in securing their lives and property.

The PDP chieftain noted that the federal government has polarised Nigeria along ethnic and religious line, stressing that never has the country been divided across ethnic and religious line

like we have today under this government, whose hallmark is built on the basis of nepotism and ethnicity, not forgetting that we currently have a known terrorist apologist as a member of the federal cabinet as the head of a very sensitive government office.

It is not surprising that Nigeria has become the world headquarters for extreme poverty and country with the highest unemployment population within a space of five years of this government, whose only aspiration and agenda is to pursue and encourage policies and programmes that tend to divide us as a people.

The economy has been so bastardised to the point that we have resorted to the printing of naira notes to augment government expense.

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