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Ultimate Love Update: Seven Out Of 10 Couples Have Been Nominated

Ultimate Love nominated week 4 couples

Seven out of ten (10) Couples have been nominated in the Love Pad.

Barely two days after the first Check Out in the Love Pad, this week, seven more Couples have been nominated for possible Check Out.

Aunty visited the Love Pad today to see how the Couples were and to give her verdict on the Monday Mision Jaykech and ObiEbi went for and JayKech was saved and they’re safe for this week.

Apart from the saved Couple, Iykeresa and PreshDavid are also safe for this week, which leaves the rest of the Couples battling it for their stay in the Love Pad. They’re as follows:


How to vote on Ultimate Love Season 1

Voting takes place on Mobile, Web, SMS, the MyDStv app (DStv subscribers) and MyGOtv App (GOtv subscribers), only. Voting on the MyDStv and MyGOtv App is open to active Nigerian subscribers only.

Ultimate Love voting takes place after the couples save live show and is open to registered voters and via SMS (Nigeria only). Participating networks: 9Mobile, Airtel & MTN.

To be eligible to vote for your favourite couple(s), you’ll need to register on the Ultimate Love web and mobi site and in the MyDStv app or GOtv app if you are a subscriber.Please note: Customers will receive only 100 additional votes in either the GoTv or DStv apps. They will not receive 100 votes in each app i.e. should a customer have both subscriptions, they will still only receive 100 additional votes.

To find out more about How to Register for VOTING on Ultimate Love, click here.

Source: Africa Magic

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